CentOS, Fedora 8 and Dream Linux

CentOS is a server class linux OS based on the Redhat OS. The latest version is currently available for x86 and x86_64 processors however the previous release is also available on the IA64 and Alpha architectures. I have no experience with IA64 or Alpha processors but I will try out CentOS.

Fedora 8 is the latest release of the Fedora OS that I currently sell and will be available in a little over a week. I will offer this up for pre-order but to not waste resources I will not download it until the first order if placed and I have been able to get the DVD artwork. This will cause a small delay of a few days.

Dream Linux is based on Debian and Morphix and boost having the best of both OSes. Dream Linux has a good looking GUI and can be ran from the CD without the need for it to be installed on the machine’s hard drive. This makes it good if you want to try out the OS before you install it. However I am a little reluctant to sell this OS because it is available on CD at 700MBs, this means that it is easier to download than the other OSes mention that require a DVD.
Dream Linux

If you would like to order any of these and they are not available in the shop (probably because I’ve not decided to sell them yet) then please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


I have added CentOS version 5 to the shop. It is available for the x86 (i386) and x86-64 architectures.

v0.1 Nicholas

I have built another ALFS system with the hope that it would also compile the kernel and grub but it had problems and failed. I have now got it working and installed DHCP networking allowing me to download other programs from the internet. After getting the system to a stable building point I start to construct the rest of the system.

The first version of Blue Square Linux is to be called Nicholas after my friend. At the moment it’s only on version 0.1 as I am still building it. I am installing the latest linux kernel ( and the latest version of Apache web server and PHP. After I have installed of of this I will see if I can access the web server outside it’s virtual environment.


After my first two build, the fastest taking about 2 days, I tried out some software that after configured will make the linux OS for you automatically. This leaves me free to do other things and also reduces user error because I don’t have to copy all of the commands into the shell. At the moment I am working on the networking side of things. I have currently gotten the DHCP client install and it is finding it’s network address automatically but I am unable to connect to other computers. As my main plan is to use the first stable versions of Blue Square Linux as a web server it is essential to have networking. I am going to setup a new page on the website that will display my current to-do list and requested features for the OS once stable.

First builds

After working away on my LFS build I found out that the problem was that the kernel was missing generic IDE support. After fixing this I managed to boot into my first working LFS build called “Blu” after Blue Square linux. All went well until I deleted the snap shoots I’d whilst working on it where is reverted to an earlier one. After this muck up I went back with my new knowledge about IDE modules I have now fixed my first LFS build that has made it all the way to the end. This build is called Linus after Linus Torvalds who created the Linux kernel. Now I need to work out a way of getting this onto my server in a stable a quick way to minimise downtime.

From the top

I’ve downloaded the LFS LiveCD and decided to start my build from the begining. My reason for this was that when I finally got to the end of my orginal build the system had a kernel panic and hang. By using the lastest stable LFS LiveCD it should eliminate any possible conflitions between the host system as this CD is built for this purpose. Once I have built my LFS system and happy that is is stable enough and complete I’ll use it on my server in place of Debian.

New site

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to my site. I would like to hear what you think of this website and any improvements that you could suggest are welcome. The site is powered by WordPress and you can now leave comments on the posts so please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Also if you would like to buy another Linux distribution that I do not already sell leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Jonathan Norman