Live CD

I’m working on a live CD based on version 0.1 Nicholas. This is more of a test to see what is needed to make a live CD work and what needed to be added to the system. I am using a kernel that has been pre-compiled by someone else and so far I’ve had to add mkisofs to the system in order to create an iso image. Once I know how to make Live CDs easily I will probably make future releases available. Then I’d have to workout an installer.


First I must apologise for the downtime. This was caused by me working on the server.

I also have great news. The server is now running Blue Square Linux version 0.2 Nicholas. The main differences between v0.1 and v0.2 is that the newer version has SSH, SSL, Apache, MySQL and PHP along with the latest kernel. However this build is still a work in progress and this will mean some more downtime to come as the kernel still needs some work.

A new build

I’ve just started a new build. This is going to be a basic Linux OS being built with the latest stable versions of the software that I can find. One done I plan to use the RedHat Package Manager to install more software but then again I might use another package manager like Paco of DPKG.