2008.07 Development

As it is the last day in June it seems very unlikely that I will be able to finish a fully working OS by the end of the day. Thus a sneaky rename is in order. The current software list for Felix-Dev can be found here and is being updated as each bit of software gets compiled and installed. Unlike my previous attempt where I was basically upgrading all of the software for the current running OS I have gone back to the LFS way. This is a completely fresh build made on a blank hard drive partition to avoid any contamination from the host.

Using the latest software does bring some problems but thankfully the only two I have ran into so far have been fixed. Thanks to “ChrisS67” from Linux From Scratch, GNU C Library 2.8 is now compiled and at this moment is running through it’s test suite.

2008.06 Devlopment

I have been working very hard over the past week to get all of the packages updated to the very latest version. Some of the software that I use hasn’t been updated in a few years where as some others were updated late week. There OS should be released within 2 weeks.


  • i686, PowerPC and SPARC64 support
  • Latest software
  • More packages
  • Better build quality
  • Future LiveCD
  • X11 for R806

    Today I was told about by ‘Killerboy’ so I went over and had a look. It’s a GUI based on GNUstep. Seven months ago I made XFCE on Xfree88 but I never really followed it up. That was my first LFS that I’d made and therefore a bit buggy.

    Étolié is a nice and simple GUI and is highly flexible but it requires X11 and GNUstep in order to run. I used Xfree86 last time because it’s one big package that you compile. Xorg R7.3 on the other hand is made out of modules and thus easy to customise. Over the next week I will begin building Xorg for Blue Square Linux with the aim to have a working X11 server and Étolié. By the end of R806 I’d like to have these in RPMs making it easier to distribute them and also easier to make / remake them.