Last night I uploaded all the RPMS for Felix. These are the RPMS that are included on the LiveCD but they are also the RPMS that have been made since the LiveCD and have previously not been available for download. The latest of these RPMS where made this week and I will continue to upload the RPMS as they are made and tested.

You can find them in Felix/RPMS on the mirrors.


Today when it was trying to backup my desktop and I made a mistake. I ended up wipping out four of my five virtual hard drives. The 5th was badly damaged but I was able to save a snapshot. It has been reverted to a snapshot of the 13th July so it is badly out of date. It is only a modifed version of 2008.03 Nicholas part of X11 installed.

However I have released the LiveCD with improvements and all of the development of the RPMs, scripts etc are stored on the server they are safe. This means that I have been able to reinstall 2008.08 Felix from the livecd.