A MicroServer is an idea of mine to use thin clients as small web servers for those of whom want to host from home but do not have the knowledge to setup a web server or just wanting a small silent box to make websites on. A thin client is great as they have no moving parts, well at least not yet, and very low power usage. The downside if that they have very little internal storage or processing power. I plan to overcome this by using optimization to get the best out of the processor and installing a small laptop hard drive. A laptop hard drive instead of a desktop because of the low power usage, sound and size.

Planned Specs:
Processor: AMD Geode GX1
HDD: 20GB / 40GB ( planned)
NIC: 100Mb/s
OS: Blue Square Linux

XFCE build 1.1

The last post was about getting XFCE to work. Now that I have had time to work on it I have installed the rest of the XFCE package apart from the Terminal program as I have not been able to get that to compile. The icons and theme are installed so there is no empty spaces where buttons should be and there is a working file system browser and web browser (the latest mozilla) however the windows manager still has problems as there is no way to change between programs. As there is another build of LFS out I will make a copy of that to use as my base system. I should also make a list of all the software in the OS and what version. Below is the latest screen shot of the Blue Square Linux build, click on the image to see the full size version.

XFCE build 1.1

XFCE build 1

It’s 1am and I have just managed to get XFCE working. It is still not finished but I need sleep. To keep you happy in the mean time here in the first screen shot.

XFCE build 1

Blue Sqaure Linux v0.2 Nicholas

This version has the Linux kernel and XFree86 4.7.0 along with some minor tweaks to make VI look nicer, displays a welcome message before the login and fixes the PATH value. Other than this it is basically v0.1 but this will have a working GUI by the end of it. My friend would like the GUI to look like Apple Computers’ OSX and to be able to run MS Windows’ programs.

CentOS, Fedora 8 and Dream Linux

CentOS is a server class linux OS based on the Redhat OS. The latest version is currently available for x86 and x86_64 processors however the previous release is also available on the IA64 and Alpha architectures. I have no experience with IA64 or Alpha processors but I will try out CentOS.

Fedora 8 is the latest release of the Fedora OS that I currently sell and will be available in a little over a week. I will offer this up for pre-order but to not waste resources I will not download it until the first order if placed and I have been able to get the DVD artwork. This will cause a small delay of a few days.

Dream Linux is based on Debian and Morphix and boost having the best of both OSes. Dream Linux has a good looking GUI and can be ran from the CD without the need for it to be installed on the machine’s hard drive. This makes it good if you want to try out the OS before you install it. However I am a little reluctant to sell this OS because it is available on CD at 700MBs, this means that it is easier to download than the other OSes mention that require a DVD.
Dream Linux

If you would like to order any of these and they are not available in the shop (probably because I’ve not decided to sell them yet) then please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


I have added CentOS version 5 to the shop. It is available for the x86 (i386) and x86-64 architectures.