R805 SPARC64

After a few attempts at my SPARC64 build I’ve finally done it. It’s set up in pretty much the same way as the x86 and PPC builds but with one or two little differences because of the architecture. I’ve come across a problem with ping that I’ve fixed with a patch my friend made. I’ve also learnt how to boot using silo in command line mode after a mistake mean that non of the menus booted my systems.

I still have the IDPROM problem that means the machine needs to be booted via serial but I can live with that for now. I think the new move would be to make RPM packages for PPC, x86 and SPARC64 for R806. This would be interesting because I know some of the packages like Silo do not work with the latest kernel so I’d either have to use an older kernel for the SPARC build or build silo on an old kernel and use the new kernel anyway.