Well the PowerPC build went much better than the SPARC64 build. As a result the PowerPC build is having the packages updated and built where as the SPARC64 built hasn’t been touched in a while. Every time I do a new LFS built I learn more and more. I’ve made a small patch for the kernel that adds the Blue Square Linux logo to the boot and I’m working on updating the software too.

I’ll explain the naming scheme a little. Mostly it’s something I make up on the spot but I have two main ones that I’m trying to keep to. The Main finished release is called 2008.03 Nicholas (YYYY.MM Name) and the work in progress is called R805 (‘R’ YMM) where Y is Year and M is Month. I do have a name for the next release but I am not telling anyone what it is.

R805 screenshot

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  1. Name it Snoopy! Then the mascot can be a beagle with armor, swords, and a girly bark. Oooooh or a powerpuff girl with a mohawk, and they travel through the fargate, cause it goes far, get it? Made from the people of findependence day. You don’t wanna be sued by the makers of Independence day. Oh and put the powerpuff girls with a mohawk in a wheelchair. On the other hand, you could use the universal remonster!

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