I’ve not been able to use my computer for a few weeks but now it’s working and I can continue to work on my OS. As you know 2008.03 is done and my server has been upgraded to run on it, however some of the software has not been upgraded because the RPMS are not finished or because it would mean a lot of reconfiguring to do.

Sparc 64

Something I have noticed from my time on a support channel is that Ubuntu uses Mawk by default instead of Gawk. This is the reason that Glibc kept on failing to compile on my sparc machine because of the ubuntu host. Now this has been fixed I am working my way thought CLFS and have made good progress. The RPM spec files will probably have to be rewritten to support this multilib OS and some sparc specific configurations.

Live CD

I am working on a live CD made from the 2006.03 build so that it is easier to install. Currently it is a lot like Gentoo’s installation where you have to download and unpack a tarball and then create / edit specific files in order to get it to boot.