Not long now

The OS is coming along and should be finished pretty soon. It’s based on LFS SVN-20080327 with some customisation such as having ZSH as the default shell and the RPM package manager. The Sparc64 build has been abandoned for now to allow the x86 build to be finished. The spec files used to create the RPMs can be used on any architecture. This means that one all the spec files are made for the x86 build they can be used again for the Sparc64 build, so once the temperately OS is built and in place the computer can be left on running a script to build all the RPMS.

Once all the used packages have been built I will look into a way of creating all the miscellaneous files used in the system. After that I purpose that an installer system would be the next logical step but seeing as how this OS is made for my purposes I might not make one.