I have been working hard on my systems and now both the x86 and Sparc64 hosts have RPM5 installed and I am working on the spec files. The spec files are used by RPM5 to build the packages and I am still learning about them. Some of the packages have simple spec files that work on both architectures but some (like Glibc) are much more complicated. The spec file uses different commands for the different architectures and created more than one RPM once finished.

However once all the core spec files are made, tested and working for both sparc64 and x86 I can then build the whole system in RPM format. This makes it much easier to upgrade and distribute.

Another thing that I should mention is a change in the version naming. Instead of having Version 0.3 like I was planning I thought that it would be better to have something similar to Gentoo’s version naming. The next version would be called “2008.03” and come out by the end of the month.