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Hello. I have been looking about the net for the past week or so for laptops that I could buy from manufacturers and resell with linux install instead of Windows. After much looking, some confusion and mild annoyance on the part of Dell I’ve decided that the best way for me I sell a Linux Computer is to build one myself, install linux and then sell it to you. However I’d like to get your views and opinions on this before I buy the parts and build the computer so please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email me on shop [at]

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  1. I am looking at Linux and really do not know where to start

    I live in Leamington Spa Warwickshire and am really looking for someone who lives nearby to either build me a pc with both linux and Windows Xp or to help me install on one of my existing pcs. I have not the time to do this by trial and error myself although I have read the opening chapters of a linux book from the library and the task is probably nopt beyond me.


  2. I live in Essex which is quiet far away from you. At least 100 miles. The Linux OS uses a boot loader called Grub or Lilo which allow you to boot to any OS installed on that computer be that Linux, Windows or another OS. When installing Linux it should detect that Windows is installed on your computer (if it is) and add to to the boot menu.

    If you are interesting is trying Linux but do not want to worry about what might happen to your computer if you make a mistake then I would recommend using a Live CD or a virtual machine (VM). The first boots off of a DVD or CD and the latter installed Linux onto a virtual machine on your computer so you can run Linux inside of Windows. If you would like to try out Fedora 8 live CD let me know and I’ll put them up on the shop, Just let me know what architecture you want.

  3. I have used linux on and off since 1997 (Caldera was the first!). I would recommend getting an extra Hard disc, powering down your PC and cold swap your XP disc for a brand new drive and then install a linux distro onto that.
    That way if you really do get in a muddle just put back in the xp disc.

    I have been using a couple of cold swappable hard drive caddies for this for the last 4 years. Although i swap less & less now 😉

    Admin, As for a linux built PC i think the way forward is to offer cheap laptops with it on.

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