XFCE build 1.1

The last post was about getting XFCE to work. Now that I have had time to work on it I have installed the rest of the XFCE package apart from the Terminal program as I have not been able to get that to compile. The icons and theme are installed so there is no empty spaces where buttons should be and there is a working file system browser and web browser (the latest mozilla) however the windows manager still has problems as there is no way to change between programs. As there is another build of LFS out I will make a copy of that to use as my base system. I should also make a list of all the software in the OS and what version. Below is the latest screen shot of the Blue Square Linux build, click on the image to see the full size version.

XFCE build 1.1

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  1. Hello there!
    I guess I’m the 1st one that wrote a comment, and this makes me excited lol. I’m quite new to linux therefore I have a few questions to ask here.
    Can I install linux straight away on my Toshiba lapton after I receive your i368 – Debian?
    Can linux and windows XP be installed in the same computer and boot to whichever OS I want?
    I browsed through your blog it seems you are writing something. What are they? And did you put those things into the DVDs you sell? I’m asking this cos I can’t use C or C++ or anything involves computer programing.. I need a system that can be easily installed(doesn’t need to be like a microsoft style installation but pls not to be too complicated).
    Eagerly waiting for your reply(cos I really want to buy your DVDs)!

  2. Thanks for your decent reply via email! You’ve answered the most important things a layman needs!
    The order has been placed. Thank you!

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